About us

The AES community and Scrubs Club has fostered a close relationship with the Old Delhi Clinic over the past 2 years with weekly service interactions to provide medical care in Old Delhi for those that lack proper health facilities. The clinic is volunteer-run and relies completely on donations. A video profiling the relationship between AES and the Old Delhi Clinic can be seen on this page.


The funds collected will used to purchase materials for the Old Delhi Clinic.  The clinic serves and feeds an estimated 9,000 homeless and migrant workers each day. Basic food and sanitary resources will be distributed, including handwashing soap, detergent soap, masks, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. In addition, clothing such as sandals and underwear will be provided to migrants traveling without proper protection.


In a nation with great inequality and a high degree of poverty, India’s poorest have found themselves particularly vulnerable to the economic, social, and medical concerns of the coronavirus. With the implementation of a staggered lockdown and the suspension of employment for millions, many individuals and families in Delhi are suffering from the loss of income. Furthermore, the dense living conditions of Delhi's most vulnerable pose a great risk to their health in a time where social distancing is crucial.


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