we are now helping to purchase oxygen concentrators. each one is ₹52,000-₹76,000 or $700-$1000. we have purchased five and need your help to get more. Track our progress below. use the link below to donate!

important update:

our progress: 

with your help we passed $7000!


$2000 ₹1,47,601





$7876 (₹578346.49)

where we are now

Delhi Clinic Initiative

Note: Donations should be made with Paypal, U.S., or European payment systems rather than domestic systems



Improve food security and sanitary conditions for New Delhi's urban poor and migrant workers to address the financial and medical suffering caused by the coronavirus

We work with Sikh volunteers who have dedicated over 30 years of their life volunteering daily to improve living conditions for Delhi's impoverished population, as well as recruits from our school community

We have raised over 10,000 dollars purchasing and distributing food, masks, soap, food containers, socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and sandals.

our partners

our methods

What can a typical donation fund?


can fund...

- 5 kg wheat to provide free meals to 9000+ daily

- 20 bars of bathing soap

- 20 bars of detergent soap

- 5 toothbrushes and 5 units of toothpaste

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